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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Toyocamycin Chemical Structure
BCP38808 Toyocamycin 606-58-6
Toyocamycin is a pyrrolopyrimidine nucleoside isolated from streptomyces toyocaensis, and also an adenosine nucleotide antimetabolite. It has a broad spectrum of action against bacteria, fungi, protozoans and mammalian cell lines.
Ancitabine Chemical Structure
BCP38745 Ancitabine 31698-14-3?
Ancitabine is an organic heterotricyclic compound resulting from the formal condensation of the oxo group of cytidine to the 2' position with loss of water to give the corresponding cyclic ether. A prodrug, it is metabolised to the antineoplastic agent cytarabine, so is used to maintain a more constant antineoplastic action. It has a role as a prodrug, an antimetabolite and an antineoplastic agent. It is an organic heterotricyclic compound and a diol. It is a conjugate base of an ancitabine(1+).
Conglobatin Chemical Structure
BCP38737 Conglobatin 72263-05-9
Conglobatin is produced by the strain of Streptomyces conglobatus.
Florfenicol Chemical Structure
BCP38556 Florfenicol 73231-34-2
Florfenicol is a fluorinated synthetic analog of thiamphenicol with broad-spectrum, primarily bacteriostatic activity.
Porfiromycin Chemical Structure
BCP38467 Porfiromycin 801-52-5
Porfiromycin is a quinone antibiotic produced by Str. ardus NRRL 2817. It has anti-Gram-positive and negative bacteria activity. It can inhibit sarcoma-180, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, L-1210, H leukemia (solid type). The dose of inhibiting KB cell protein synthesis was 0.5 μg/mL.
Atpenin A5 Chemical Structure
BCP38457 Atpenin A5 119509-24-9
Atpenin A5, an antifungal antibiotic, is an ubiquinone-binding site inhibitor of succinate dehydrogenase. Atpenin A5 has cardioprotective effects against simulated ischemia-reperfusion injury in cardiomyocytes.
Gramicidin Chemical Structure
BCP38466 Gramicidin 1405-97-6
Gramicidin is produced by the strain of Bacillus brevis. It is a family of linear pentadecapeptides isolated from bacillus brevis, and it is a complex of six closely related analogues A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 where A1 and A2 are the dominant components. It acts by forming channels in cell membranes causing ion leakage, and is an essential bioprobe for understanding the nature of the cell membranes.
Cyclosporin U Chemical Structure
BCP38347 Cyclosporin U 108027-45-8
Troleandomycin Chemical Structure
BCP38232 Troleandomycin 2751-09-9
Troleandomycin is a macrolide antibiotic that is similar to Erythromycin.
Ronidazole Chemical Structure
BCP38196 Ronidazole 7681-76-7
Ronidazole is an antiprotozoal agent.
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