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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Trandolaprilat Chemical Structure
BCP38331 Trandolaprilat 87679-71-8
Trandolaprilat is a heterobicyclic compound that is trandolapril in which the ethyl ester group has been hydrolysed to the corresponding acid group.
PSB-SB-487 Chemical Structure
BCP37990 PSB-SB-487 1399049-81-0
PSB-SB-487 is a potent, allosteric GPR55 antagonist
AH3960 Chemical Structure
BCP38008 AH3960 862907-48-0
AH-3960 is an agonist of thyroid hormone receptor-1 (PTHR1).
BMS986188 Chemical Structure
BCP37890 BMS986188 1776115-10-6
BMS-986188 is a novel Potent and Selective Positive Allosteric Modulator of the delta-Opioid Receptor.
BMS986187 Chemical Structure
BCP37889 BMS986187 684238-37-7
BMS-986187 is a novel Potent and Selective Positive Allosteric Modulators of the delta-Opioid Receptor.
GSK5182 Chemical Structure
BCP37855 GSK5182 877387-37-6
GSK5182 is a specific inverse agonist for estrogen-related receptor γ.
ML-191 Chemical Structure
BCP37828 ML-191 931695-79-3
ML-191 is a potent, selective GPR55 antagonist with 160 nM potency for GPR55 and >100-fold selectivity against GPR35, CB1 and CB2.
WAY-169916 Chemical Structure
BCP37868 WAY-169916 669764-18-5
WAY-169916 is a pathway-selective estrogen receptor (ER) inhibitor.
ML335 Chemical Structure
BCP37811 ML335 1069498-96-9
ML-335 is an agonist for ?μ-opioid receptor (OPRM1)- d-opioid receptors (OPRD1) heterodimerization.
UT-34 Chemical Structure
BCP37564 UT-34 2168525-92-4
UT-34 is a selective androgen receptor degrader (SARD) ligand.
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