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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Taurochenodeoxycholic acid Chemical Structure
BCP38703 Taurochenodeoxycholic acid 516-35-8
Taurochenodeoxycholic acid is a bile salt formed in the liver. It solubilizes fats in the small intestine and is itself absorbed.
Plitidepsin Chemical Structure
BCP38489 Plitidepsin 137219-37-5
Plitidepsin was originally isolated from the Mediterranean tunicate Aplidium albicans. It has a role as a marine metabolite and an antineoplastic agent.
Thailandstatin A Chemical Structure
BCP38488 Thailandstatin A 1426953-21-0
Thailanstatin A is a potent antiproliferative agent, which was isolated from the fermentation broth of B. thailandensis MSMB43
Illudin M Chemical Structure
BCP38476 Illudin M 1146-04-9
Illudin M is a natural sesquiterpene agent with strong anti-tumour activity.
Illudin S Chemical Structure
BCP38475 Illudin S 1149-99-1
Illudin S is a natural sesquiterpene agent with strong anti-tumour activity. Illudin S inhibit DNA synthesis via an unknown mechanism.
Dehydrodiisoeugenol Chemical Structure
BCP38434 Dehydrodiisoeugenol 2680-81-1
Dehydrodiisoeugenol, a naturally occurring lignan from Aristolochia taliscana (Aristolochiaceae), acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent and shows various pharmacological activities, including anti-lipid peroxidation, anti-bacteial function, and hepatic drug metabolism enzyme inhibition.
Obacunone Chemical Structure
BCP38436 Obacunone 751-03-1
Obacunone is a natural triterpenoid found in the barks of Phellodendron chinense, it exhibits the activity of antivirulence effect on S. Typhimurium. Obacunone also has cytotoxicity in androgen-dependent human prostate cancer cells.
Alpha-Caryophyllene Chemical Structure
BCP38408 Alpha-Caryophyllene 6753-98-6
Metamitron Chemical Structure
BCP38389 Metamitron 41394-05-2
Metamitron is an agricultural chemical primarily used as an herbicide.
Pyribencarb Chemical Structure
BCP38336 Pyribencarb 799247-52-2
Pyribencarb is a carbamate ester that is the methyl ester of (2-chloro-5-{(1E)-N-[(6-methylpyridin-2-yl)methoxy]ethanimidoyl}benzyl)carbamic acid.
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